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A Sri Lankan tea story infused with British traditions. From the rich and robust to the delicate and fragrant, every cup of English Tea Shop tea celebrates our vibrant community and heartfelt commitment to sustainability. Your tea loving community.




Total 6 different flavour:

1)Super Berries: Naturally caffeine-free South African rooibos tea and hibiscus combined with the explosive, fruity flavours of real berries.

2)Earl Grey: Our finest Ceylon black tea from the misty moutains of Sri Lanka, infused with the tantalising aroma of bergamot.

3)Lemongrass, Citrus & Ginger: Refreshing lemongrass combined with the finest Ceylon ginger and citrus for a caffeine-free boost.

4)Chamomile&Lavender: A calming and relaxing. caffeine-free blend of organic chamomile and fragrant lavender.

5)Sencha Green Tea: Our superior Japanese sencha tea, traditionally produced for a refreshing, sweet & floral flavour.

6)A blend of the finest Ceylon and Assam black tea for a full and strong flavour to kickstart the day.





Product of Sri Lanka, imported ingredients.