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【Mother-K】100% Pure Water Sterilized Tooth Wipe - 30pcs
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Brand K-Mom / Mother-K
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Over 100"C hot temperature steam sterilized 

No Artificial Additives 100% Pure Water

Bemlise Mesh Material effecive to remove foreign substance

Tissue made from cotton linter

Convenient Hygienic Disposable Packing

How to use:

- When brushing minute part of the teeth.

- When use, unfold the sheet and massage tooth softly

Precautions for handling:

- The tissue may appear yellow but this is the original color of the raw material, so there is no problem with quality, so you can use it with confidence.

- In rare cases, the may be a smell of aluminum film, but there is no harm to the product

- Keep the cover closed after use.